The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) Marks International Bowel Cancer Awareness Month with Wide-Ranging Awareness Drive

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has marked International Bowel Cancer Awareness Month 2017 by hosting a range of educational sessions covering a wide spectrum of Qatar’s population with the aim of increasing awareness of the benefits of early detection through screening in the fight against bowel cancer across the country.

As part of the scheduled outreach activities throughout March, a team from PHCC, the leader of the national Breast and Bowel Screening Program ‘Screen for Life’, collaborated with ‘Aspire Zone Foundation’ and installed an awareness booth at the Ladies Club where the ‘Screen for Life’ team have introduced the program to all club’s members, encouraged eligible attendees to register for a bowel  cancer screening appointment and distributed educational material.

Bowel cancer screening targets asymptomatic men and women of Qatar aged between 50 and 74, urging them to take the initiative when it comes to their health and to register for a screening appointment.

“The PHCC has collaborated, and will continue to partner, with government entities and private institutions across Qatar to reach out to a wide audience and raise awareness of our program and the benefits of  early detection,” Dr. Shaikha Abu Shaikha, Cancer Program Manager at PHCC, said.

“We will continue to keep driving forward and delivering our message to as many people as possible, through a range of activities and initiatives. A healthy, safe population, with enhanced wellness achieved through the provision of world-class health services is crucial for the future of Qatar.”

In addition to Aspire Zone Foundation initiative, ‘Screen for Life’ Program conducted a series of lectures in schools for students, parents and teachers.

The PHCC ‘Screen for Life’ program offers free breast and bowel cancer screening through its dedicated screening suites at Rawdat Al Khail Health Center, the Leabaib Health Centre and the Al Wakra Health Center, while the PHCC’s dedicated call center is staffed by trained professionals ready to address any questions or concerns about the program. The PHCC Call Center can be contacted on 800 1112.