PHCC initiates one-to one Breast & Bowel Cancer lecture series with women’s group

Doha, Qatar – April 23, 2016: As part of its continuous efforts to raise awareness the Primary Healthcare Corporation (PHCC) in conjunction with Al Hiba Group Qatar which under the umbrella of Nasser Bin Khalid Al Thani Charity, organized an educative lecture on Breast & Bowel Cancer Screening chaired by Sheikha Leena Bint Nasser Bin Khalid Al Thani, the Breast Cancer Awareness Program Ambassador.

The lecture held at Al Hiba Group, and attended by 75 women, is part of PHCC’s continuous one-to-one series. The objective of the lecture was to act as an open forum and discuss the importance of Breast Screening for women 45 years and above and Bowel Screening for women 50 and above, the risks and symptoms as well as preventative measures.

Dr. Shaikha Abu Shaikha, Manager Cancer Program Division at PHCC, said:

“We are particularly delighted to team up with Al Hiba Group who is dedicated to humanitarian causes, including cancer and other diseases, irrespective of nationality or beliefs. Their achievements in the cause of health issues have been remarkable,’ she added.

The lecture with was also supported by AND Trading the country’s largest beauty company, commenced with a welcome address by the Chairperson and host Sheikha Leena Bint Nasser Bin Khalid Al Thani.  This was followed by an enlightening slide presentation by the Breast & Bowel Cancer Program Educator. One of the highlights of the event was a testimonial from Chef Aisha Tamimi a Breast Cancer survivor, who represented a real-life case study. The lecture ended with a registration session and a networking lunch.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank PHCC again for appointing me as their Program Ambassador and for the honor of hosting this important lecture,” said Sheikha Leena Bint Nasser Bin Khalid Al Thani. “True to Al Hiba Group’s mission of supporting humanitarian cases in the health sector we will spare no effort to work with patients, medical professionals and social workers to encourage both preventative and curative health in Qatar,” she added.

In her testimony as a breast cancer survivor, Aisha Al Tamimi the celebrated chef said: “From my experience as a former breast cancer patient I have learned some important lessons and now have a deeper understanding of the value and importance of breast cancer screening. Making the decision to undergo early medical tests enabled my early detection and consequently successful treatment.”

She went on to say “I urge all ladies from the age of 45 to undergo breast cancer screening regularly. There is nothing to fear from mammography because knowing that you have potentially malignant tumors at an early stage, while it is still treatable and curable, is a lot better than learning about it when it is fatal.”

PHCC’s ‘Screen for Life’ program works in association with Qatar’s National Cancer Program in accordance with the country’s National Health Strategy 2011-2016. The core objective of ‘Screen for Life’ is to promote education, awareness and early detection by encouraging women aged 45 years or older with no symptoms to receive breast cancer screening and 50 years or older to undergo bowel cancer screening..