‘October Means Breast Cancer Screening’: ‘Screen For Life’ launches a nationwide campaign to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month

‘Screen For Life’, Qatar’s National Breast and Bowel Cancer Screening program, led by the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), has launched a nationwide awareness campaign across the State to mark the global, annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month initiative.

Following the hugely successful inaugural Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign conducted last year, this month-long drive titled ‘October Means Breast Cancer Screening’ is a comprehensive campaign to be rolled out across the country’s media, including TV, radio and print and social media, designed to raise awareness of the ‘Screen For Life’ program across Qatar, and urge women to undergo a free mammogram at one of the program’s three screening suites.

To engage with as many people as possible, ‘Screen For Life’ has implemented awareness booths in Qatar’s major malls. The team will offer information and brochures to visitors and a chance to register their information so the Program’s call center will schedule them for screening . The team will also embark on a far-reaching outreach program of lectures at several governmental and non-governmental entities along with the presence of the dedicated mobile screening unit that will offer on-site screening to eligible women aged 45 years and above.

“For the second consecutive year we have launched a major nationwide campaign to mark the global Breast Cancer Awareness Month movement. This month’s campaign will see us reaching out to a wide cross-section of Qatar community, through numerous mediums, with the aim of driving home the message that early screening is crucial in the detection of cancer and plays a key role in saving lives,” said Dr. Shaikha Abu Shaikha, Cancer Program Manager, PHCC.

Dr. Abu Shaikha added that by titling the campaign ‘October Means Breast Cancer Screening’ can encourage as many women as possible to take advantage of a complimentary mammogram.

“We want people to know we are there for them. It is imperative that we continue raising breast cancer awareness and is important that they take a proactive approach with their help by contacting the call center on 8001112 and booking a screening at one of our facilities,” Dr Abu Shaikha added.

Since the inception of the ‘Screen For Life’ program in 2016 till July end 2017; 11,847 have undergone a free mammogram and 7,627 men and women have taken part in bowel cancer screening. With the aim to see numbers increase during this campaign, ‘Screen For Life’ will be expanding the screening facilities at Leabaib Health Center and Rawdat Al Khail Health Center to handle increased traffic.