Influencers on hand to spread the Qatar Primary Health Care Corporation ‘Screen for Life’ awareness message

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has engaged with social media influencers as it continues its drive to increase awareness of the national breast and bowel screening program ‘Screen for Life’. In line with its mandate to get the message to a wide cross-section of Qatar society extolling the benefits of early breast and bowel cancer detection through screening, the ‘Screen for Life’ team gathered most influential figures on Qatari social media, at the Rawdat Al Khail Health Center, one of the PHCC’s three dedicated breast and bowel screening facilities.

During the event, the influencers gained extensive information about the ‘Screen for Life’ program and how it works and were told of the benefits of early cancer detection through screening in helping to save lives.

The presentation conducted by ‘Screen for Life’ team included an overview of the program, the achievements and milestone reached during a successful first year of operations and plans for the next phase of the campaign.

The influencers were given a tour of the screening facility and a chance to experience the spa-like breast and bowel screening suite.  Additionally, the visitors were introduced to the wealth and recovery services that the health center provides.The group took photographs and videos, posting to their various social media accounts such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook, urging their followers to book a screening appointment and help spread the message to their peers and relatives.

“With social media now playing such a big role in society this was a natural step for us in getting the ‘Screen for Life’ message to as many people as possible,” Dr. Shaikha Abu Shaikha, Cancer Program Manager, PHCC, said.

“The event was educational for the influencers and benefited our campaign as they were able to reach a diverse range of people. The influencer event highlighted the role social media plays in the 21st century and how it can be a powerful tool in promoting a good cause.” Dr. Abu Shaikha added.

In line with Qatar’s National Cancer Program, breast cancer screening is for asymptomatic women aged 45-69 and bowel cancer screening is for men and women between the ages of 50-74 showing no related symptoms. To book an appointment or to find out more about the program, call the dedicated PHCC Call center on 800 1112.